Photographing is such an expression of joy, and it is just an honor to snap pics with couple’s on their wedding day. I am so very attracted to light and shapes in the world, the rich earthy qualities of things, and most of all to people- their well-earned laugh lines, the way they fold their hands together, and the palpable energy in the room. I most of all want for you to feel at ease, like yourself, and to laugh, share stories & make new stories along the way. I would love to learn more about you and thank you for being here.

I will always photograph with you before your wedding day so you feel comfortable with the camera & for fun. I can photograph with you on your wedding day for as long as you like. I will deliver all of your high resolution, fully edited picture files to you! I will shoot pics solo or with a collaborator friend, and I am happy to make albums too. I can share so much more information through email so please do email me. I am also a sucker for meeting up and learning more about yourself - collaborating is lovely and texts/calls/brainstorming of any sort makes me super happy, as spending the time together is nice.

joy. happiness. closeness. light.

I also love making portraits and trying new things so please do drop me a line if you would like to collaborate!