Courtney & Jeff

Courtney & Jeff

Summer 2016 – Maryland Wedding

WOW! I cannot say enough about Courtney and Jeff’s awesome wedding. From the fun-energy during the getting ready festivities, to the killer venue (Mt. Washington Mill Dye House), incredibly kind ceremony, sweet-as-can-be speeches and parent dances to the delicious food & cookie bar with mothers milk jars, and the AMAZING party- ah! It was so much fun!  These two know how to inspire a crowd, and everyone was so welcoming, friendly, fun and so fun dancing. Courtney and Jeff congratulations! Your wedding was so very epic and went by too fast! Thank you so much for having me :)….I wanted to share a few pics, and plan to do a bigger blog post soon yay, here are some pickyssss….























Bronwyn & Chris

Bronwyn & Chris

Summer 2016 – Maryland Wedding

Bronwyn and Chris are a magical couple. I am in awe of their warmth and welcoming spirit.  From a close family friend officiating, to vows being shared under a pair of picturesque trees at the family-run Pond View Farm, to Bronwyn and her fathers walk down the aisle.

Their wedding welcomed so many friends and family- such a magnetic atmosphere, with loved ones traveling from across the ocean… The night ended in a beautiful barn aglow in amber light- with the sound of Michael Jackson pouring through the speakers, an insanely packed dance floor pulsating and King of the North being chanted wildly!

I just am sharing a few slivers for now as there were so many moments to this day… the pair of trees that bend to one another, the way Bronwyn’s best friends looked at her when they saw her dressed, Chris’ smile when he greeted Bronwyn’s fathers hand….so much more to come….so many thanks to you both!



Joan & John

Joan & John

Summer 2016 – Maryland Wedding

I want to thank this kind couple, Joan and John, and their amazing family ever so much for allowing me to photograph with them on their wedding day-  a hot/steamy/awesome early August Maryland afternoon, filled with such emotional, candid speeches, poetic glances and an adventure to the waterfront.

The Bride, looking absolutely radiant and joined by her daughter, granddaughter and mother was finishing the final touches on her wardrobe when I met her.  John was heading off to the church with his brother to await her arrival. It was the early afternoon when they walked arm and arm down the aisle, welcomed by friends and family from near and far into an intimate ceremony, sealed by a communion, a kiss and many cheers.

After John and Joan’s celebration, we took a walk out to the water to shoot a few photographs. I was struck by their kindness and ease with one another. It felt ever poignant to be at the waters calm edge- the two hand in hand, beaming and subtle – a new tide.

J & J then ventured into their Havre De Grace reception at the Decoy Museum. Greeted by an enthusiastic roar from the crowd, truly kind speeches and prayer followed (John your brother is lovely, and almost began a riot when talking about football, and Joan, your son and daughter are amazing- I felt so misty eyed!!)…laughter, stories, picture sharing, and partying ensued, and as always the night ended too soon. I wish you so much LOVE and congratulations, and thank you Joan and John.

Here are just a few pics below, looking forward to sharing more soon!



Emily & Mike

Emily & Mike

Summer 2016 – Maryland Wedding

I remember meeting Emily and Mike at the coffee shop last winter and feeling very excited and thankful to be in their presence. This pair is kind, ever so genuine and very much in love.

They told me about how they met, and the many blooming facets of their kinship…..from working on their home together, to their work passions, Mikes love of photography, and the affinity they share for their pup. This pair has the most loving & playful spirit, one that is a joy to be in the presence of- as they put you at ease 🙂

Mike and Emily planned a wedding that was incredibly thoughtful- and such a wonder amidst challenging school deadlines and work schedules (you two are truly incredible- and congratulations Doctor Emily)…….

On a hot summer night in Baltimore, friends and family were invited to the Rawlings Conservatory where they were greeted with hugs, delicious food (zucchini bread, fig jam, so many things), the aroma of locally sourced flowers and herbs sitting upon recycled/re-purposed tables, Dangerously Delicious pies, and the other-wordly flora and fauna of Baltimore’s best-kept secret. As lightning and thunder began to bear down, Emily & Mike walked hand in hand down a candle lit aisle where they shared handwritten vowels, rings, and a kiss to mark their marriage.  They danced back into the greenhouse, so full of joy, as many in the crowd were weeping.

The party was under way -rain adding to the magic, fevered dancing and laughter taking ahold of the time racing by- I felt so happy to be at this celebration and cannot express how much thanks and LOVE I wish this couple and all of their lovely friends and family. Thank you for letting me photograph with you, it was an honor.