Sam & Dylan

Sam & Dylan

Summer 2017 – Maryland Wedding

These two saw one another for the first time on their wedding day at the top of Federal Hill. The trees were soaked in sunlight, their parents and best friends cheered them on, and local Baltimore neighbors were clapping with congrats and well wishes. It was great, as was the rest of their wedding day –  from their atmospheric ceremony in an amazing downtown church, to the skyline dipping down into night at the Museum of Industry. I wish these two so well, and am so happy for them!




Ilina & Phil

Ilina & Phil

Summer 2017 – Maryland Wedding

Ilina and Phil are lovely and amazing, as are their family and friends – loved ones that travelled so far and were so expressive throughout speeches, on the dance floor, through embrace. Their wedding was full of everything that makes a person thankful, from the baked bread to the epic Gogol Bordello singing to the magic that was Ilina leading a dance circle around the entire BMA, napkin in hand,  to the thoughtful words of best friends/ siblings, parents, the cheering of a sweet crowd. I am so happy for these two amazing people, for finding each other, for loving one another so epically and for sharing it- as the energy in the room on this night was magic. Cannot thank these two lovely people enough.



Rachel and Peter

Rachel and Peter

Summer 2017 – Maryland Wedding

I just can’t thank this couple enough for their generosity of spirit. I feel so honored to have heard their deeply affectionate and kind vowels, witnessed the amazing first moment they saw one  another on their wedding day, learned stories about their friendship through lifelong besties, the bright expressions of loving parents…it was all so inspiring…these are just a few moments…thank you R & P






Stephany & Jared

Stephany & Jared

Summer 2017 – Maryland Wedding

The air was damp with rain,  the light was incredible, and Stephany was a beauty walking down the aisle to greet her love, Jared. They were beaming as they found one another hands in the diffused light.

I was struck by the palpable affection throughout the room on Stephany and Jared’s wedding day. Thoughtful & poignant speeches from best friends and brothers, wordsmiths themselves,  floated articulate thoughts of love and strength among the room. Jared’s bilingual thanks was so bright- one of pure goodness and honesty. This couple is immensely cherished and they adore their friends and family ever so much.

As the sun dipped down on their wedding day, a wild dance floor gave way to a night celebrating this amazing affection-the love of couples long lasting, a cake cutting, revealing shoe game, best friend dance circles, so much laughter, and sweet, sweet Jase.

Thank you both so much for having me there. I wish so much love to you and your family. Just wanted to share a few moments from your day…

like….the moment a best friend helps you into your shoes…

and how two people in love see one another…

moments after they’re newly married…

the delicious food you savor …

& the high fives from the sweetest of hands…

sound advice from a very long lasting couple…

and dads…

and moms…

and best friends…

and brothers…

so much love and so much thanks to this loving, amazing couple



Sarah & Mike

Sarah & Mike

Winter 2017 – Maryland Wedding

I love this couple – they are so sweet, and fun and I felt so moved watching them take their first dance. Like no other person was in the room, they spun about the candlelit space in Woodberry, hugging one another tightly, eyes sparkly and beaming. You could see & feel all the happy.

Married just a few moments prior, Sarah and Mike’s dear friend officiated  their nuptials, and intimate and funny toasts (along with a good story about getting lost in the woods) ushered in the golden-lit night.

After  they spent a few moments dancing closely together, an epic conga line would follow, hair whipping on the dance floor would ignite, shot taking at the bar of course, and all of this in tandem with the vibrations of a great soulful band.

Sarah and Mike’s night was magic and I wish I could photograph it again and again XOXO 🙂