Elissa & Marcio

Spring-Summer 2012

The sweet aroma of the local farmers market filled the air as guests arrived at the Darlington House on this magical late-May afternoon. I found Elissa tucked away with her Mother and Sister. She was wearing a beautiful sea-foam colored gown that moved as if weightless. Her wrists were adorned with elegant heirlooms from her Grandmother. Within moments her Father would guide her down a flight of wooden steps into the intimate room below.It was here that Elissa married her love Marcio, an amazing man, dressed in a gray suit with a yellow tie. The room was magnetic, and with the help of Skype, Family and Friends from near and far cheered as the Couple kissed and broke glass. Moments later supper was served. For a brief moment we snuck out onto the streets of D.C. Congratulations to Elissa and Marcio!


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